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Bringing the St. Regis Mill into the Family

By August 6, 2019Community, News

Idaho Forest Group acquired the St. Regis (MT) mill in December 2017. The mill was old and outdated, but a hidden gem. With commitment, hard work, and heart from managers and employees around the company, St. Regis has made impressive strides improving organization, efficiency, and safety.

IFG has a strong and unwavering commitment to safety at our mills, physically making sure operations are safe and training team members in protocols to prevent and deal with accidents, should they happen. Our first project was ensuring the St. Regis mill was safe for IFG employees.

The mill has also been transformed to improve workflow and efficiency. For example, 6 million board feet of log decks were mixed-species when IFG came in. Those logs have now been sorted by species. A sprinkler system that uses water from a recirculation pond is being constructed to catch and reuse irrigation water. The team identified outdated and inefficient machinery, redesigned log flow, and purchased new equipment to improve output. Next, we’ll be changing the mill from a 9’ multiple mill to an 8’ mill to meet growing demand from the home center market.

We are grateful to the community of St. Regis for a warm welcome and hope to continue to make progress on projects that will improve quality of life around the mill, like those we’ve already completed to reduce emissions, mitigate dust, and start a new apprenticeship program for residents.