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IFG October Lumberton Sawmill Project Update

By October 25, 2021Community, News

IFG Lumberton Sawmill Project

Construction of the Lumberton sawmill continues. The up-to-date photos show building structures starting to take shape on site.

Some of these updates include:

  • Site preparation (excluding utilities) is around 98% completed
    • Including earthwork and soil cement
  • Concrete is moving forward on schedule with some delays due to weather
  • Building erection on the finished lumber warehouse and sorter building is making great progress. Roofing has started on both the finished lumber warehouse and the sorter building. Siding will be the next item to go up.

  • The sawline floor steel is going up and teams are prepping to pour Q-deck (Concrete flooring)
  • Sawmill Equipment, buildings, and Kiln 1 materials continues to show up daily.
  • Sub-steel progress continues on the sawline and trimline.
  • Kiln 1 & 2 structural concrete is completed
    • Kiln 3 concrete has started and should be completed by the middle of October
    • 3 chain concrete transfer pads have been poured between kilns 2 & 3

Our Central Fab team in Athol, Idaho is meeting schedule and working on a handful of projects that will help tie together the construction underway at the Lumberton site including:

  • Kiln carts and Kiln weights
  • End of arm tooling for automation pick and place systems

Next steps on site include:

  • Continuing concrete implementation on Kiln 3
  • Continued torquing and welding on sub steel
  • Continued trimline support steel erection and sawline flooring structural steel
  • Continued roofing, insulation, siding, and fire suppression on the sorter main building and finished lumber warehouse
  • Continued implementation of Fire Main and underground utilities

To learn more visit the Lumberton Sawmill Project page.

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